Workspace Overview: Top Five Tips and Tricks for Workspace Administrators (4/11/13)

We had a special guest star joining us yesterday to present our latest training webinar - Top Five Tips and Tricks for Workspace Administrators. Technical Marketing Manager Tricia Cooper filled in for Betsy Richter for the presentation itself (although Betsy did moderate the chat box & answered questions via GoToWebinar despite her cold-fogged state.)

Attendees got to hear our own tips and tricks relating to the following five areas of the application:  security, calendar sharing, document management, automating ballots and impersonating users in order to better understand where they're experiencing issues in Workspace.

Here's the entire 25 minute video, which includes answers to some of the questions asked during the webinar itself. 

And as promised, I'm also going to reference two Forum posts here from the Support Announcements forum that provide more details about password expiration settings and the two options members can use to subscribe to calendar(s)

Finally, the answer to our trivia question - Is the impersonate icon meant to resemble Tom Selleck -- or Burt Reynolds? - isn't entirely clear, even to us.  While I believe we're looking at a caricature of Burt Reynolds, the designer who created the icon at the time was too young to fully appreciate Burt's, uh, stache. So we're going with Tom Selleck.  For now. 

Agree? Disagree?  Let us know in the comments, won't you? 

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