8/16/13: Reports of Delayed or Blocked E-Mail from Kavi Workspace installations

INCIDENT:  Some IP addresses used by Kavi to send out mail from Workspace have been listed by Spamhaus in their blocklists within the past 36 hours. Spamhaus is a service that maintains spam blocking lists (SBLs) for email providers.  

If your company or organization subscribes to a Spamhaus service, you may not be receiving email from Kavi's servers, or may be getting a bounce notification when you attempt to send a message to an Kavi Workgroup list or e-mail alias.  To be clear:  individuals who didn't receive the email directly in their mail client should still be able to see the web-based message as it was archived in the Workgroup. (Link:  More information about the Spamhaus Block List.) 

RESOLUTION: We've been working aggressively with Spamhaus to clear our blocklist listing for the IP addresses involved, are not involved in sending, hosting or origination of Unsolicited Bulk Email (spam) and have done an extensive scan of our hardware & software to ensure that we're in full compliance with their policies.  On average, we can clear out an IP address block in fifteen minutes or less - but it may take longer than that for your own organization to receive an updated list, depending on how your Spamhaus subscription is handled. We will be updating this ticket throughout the day as we know more.

MORE INFORMATION: How does Spamhaus work?  Here's a more detailed description of their services, including a diagram showing a typical e-mail workflow.  

We understand that receiving mail in a timely way is the backbone of your organization's efforts, and apologize for any delays or other blocks you or your users may have experienced.  If you want to know if your own Workspace installation was impacted, do not hesitate to CONTACT US at helpdesk@kavi.com (or call direct: 503-963-3535 during business hours - M-F 9-5 pm PDT) if you have concerns. 


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