2/28/13: Reports of intermittent mail delivery issues due to DNS changes

UPDATE (3 pm Friday 3/1):  The DNS issues reported earlier have now been resolved. All customers have been notified, and mail is now being delivered as expected.  If you are a Kavi Workspace adminstrator and are still experiencing email delivery issues, please contact the Kavi Help Desk:  helpdesk@kavi.com (or call direct: 503-234-4220 if after business-hours)

Incident: We're working to diagnose & fix DNS settings on select customer sites in the wake of reports that some Workspace Group lists or select organization email aliases are not distributing mail to their individual recipients.  These delivery failures for Groups email would have been silent to the sender, but the original email should be in the web-based group archives for mail sent to a Group. 

However, mail sent to an alias should have been returned as undeliverable to the sender, and should now be re-sent. 

Timeline: The DNS changes were implemented on Thursday, February 28th beginning at 2:53pm (Pacific Time) and were rolled back or repaired  for most customers by 9:30 last evening (those experiencing issues with Groups mail). An additional set of issues related to email aliases were discovered Friday morning, and resolved by mid-day Friday 3/1. 

Resolution: Once we discovered that select lists were failing, we investigated & restored full functionality. Organization lists and/or organization email aliases should now be performing as expected today. CONTACT US at helpdesk@kavi.com (or call direct: 503-963-3535 during business hours - M-F 9-5 pm PST) if you are experiencing any loss of Workspace functionality! 

We understand that email collaboration is critical to your organization's use of Workspace, and deeply apologize for this temporary loss of functionality, which was the unfortunate side effect of some routine DNS maintenace being performed by our Platform Team.

Please let us know if you were impacted and haven't yet heard from someone at Kavi by 1 pm PST on Friday 3/1 - the Kavi Support team can provide further details or work with you to minimize the fallout.

Also know that the Kavi executive management team (of which I am one) takes this issue very seriously and will provide further details upon request to impacted customers.  Look for a follow-up communication from me shortly once service has been restored. 

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