July Workspace Update - Calendar Enhancements

Kavi is making a series of enhancements to calendar notifications to operate more seamlessly with Microsoft Outlook. We expect to release this update shortly after the July 4th holiday for Workspace 5 customers. 

Current Workspace Administrators should definitely pay attention to the notifications we've been sending you via the Kavi Support list if your members use Microsoft Outlook to manage their work calendars (see the Support List archive here if you've missed a message.)

Why? Once the update has been applied to your installation, we'll need Workspace administrators or meeting organizers to make one-time changes to recurring meetings in order to generate the optimized .ics files Outlook needs to recognize calendar events.  

NEW! Click here to download our detailed Calendar Guide for Administrators PDF

Click here to download a short 2 page summary of the upcoming changes. 

Training Webinars

We're conducting a series of Training Webinars with our administrators now in order to spread the word well in advance of the targeted July release, and we'll post links to the Webinar recordings once they're uploaded. 

We'll also be holding a special Members Training Webinar to review the upcoming calendar changes:

Finally, we've also embedded this Training Tip into your Workspace installation (visible by administrators only on the main /kws page) to help spread the word:



With this update, members will now have two ways to see meeting information in their work calendar: 

  1. Subscribe to calendars in Workspace if you want the events to appear in real time in a separate calendar on your desktop. Updates flow automatically from Workspace to your subscribed calendar
  2. Do not subscribe if you want calendar events to be added to your main calendar. Workspace will send notifications for new and changed events, and these will update your calendar when you open the notification emails.

This main calendar can also be extended to mobile devices using a member’s corporate Exchange server settings in most instances. Microsoft Outlook users will see event notifications requiring further action (accept or cancel) in their mail application. 

Stay tuned for more announcements as our launch date gets closer - or contact us via the Kavi Support Help Desk. 

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