April Workspace Updates - Ballots Tune-Up

Consider this only Part One of the Workspace Updates this April - we'll have another update next week with one more Balloting Tune-Up to clarify what we mean by Voter Eligibility in Workspace along with how Meeting Quorum is defined. (Let's just say we're trying to avoid delivering any rotten Easter Eggs to your Workspace installation by ensuring this latest fix passes QA first...!)

Workspace administrators should expect an email notification from me early next Tuesday about our Part Two release. 

What have we done to improve the balloting experience in Workspace? 

  • We’ve modified the email notifications we send after ballots have ended to display voting results closer to the top
  • By popular request, we’re now calculating ballot results using decimals to the third place instead of fractions (no more 5 17/36th in ballot results!)


While we were at it, we cleaned up a few subtle bugs that impacted our ability to record information on ballot archive pages – we now include the default organization ballot instructions and the designation of ‘official’ or ‘unofficial’ on those pages. We also keep the ballot passing percentage you specified when you created a ballot intact through multiple revisions or edits (previously, the passing percentage would revert to the Group default on occasion). 

We'll be walking through all of the ballot changes in our upcoming Training Webinar on April 24th - Workspace Administrators should look for regular email reminders from me as that date draws near! 

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