March Workspace Updates - Improvements to ANSI forms submissions

ANSI has validated that the data file Workspace sends for PINS and BSR8 data is correct, and imports accurately into their in-house system. We're happy to get this confirmation from ANSI! 

But after some feedback from customers and further dialog with ANSI, we've modified the way Workspace notifies ANSI that we've sent PINS and BSR8 data. These email format changes will be largely invisible to customers, but will improve ANSI's handling of PINS and BSR8s.

What was modified?  To help ANSI better sort and track email submission from Kavi customers, the covering email now includes the "designation" in the subject field, along with the ANSI form name and the SDO name.

We've also improved the handling of attachments on the BSR8 form. The form now saves your attached file when you save and exit the BSR8 prior to submitting it, so you don't have to reattach it when you return to the form. 

We are in ongoing discussions with ANSI on other potential improvements to streamline data handling between Kavi Workspace sites and ANSI in-house systems.  

Kavi will be updating Workspace installations during the week of March 11th (during your organization's regular window for software updates).  

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