November Workspace Updates - Product Improvements (1 of 2)

The following product improvements will be made to key components in your Kavi Workspace installation during the week of November 4th. We're also rolling out several changes that should make Workspace even easier to use - see our announcement of those updates here.

(Your Workspace Administrator has been notified about when these changes will appear in your instance of Workspace.) 


Action Items

  • When an action item is assigned to someone, that person now has the ability to edit several fields on the item which were previously not accessible. These are:
    • add a note
    • add reference item(s)
    • relate the Action Item to a Project
    • send a notification

BSR-9 (ANSI forms)

  • A number of text changes have been made to exactly match the ANSI form. This includes adjustments in item #3.
  • Format changes have been made to exactly match the ANSI form – minor things like adding bullet points in item #17.
  • Calculation and display of Ballot results: A column titled “Negative(s) without Comment” was added to meet ANSI’s need to distinguish between Negative with and Negative without comments.
  • Interest Categories reported on the BSR-9 now only include those in use by eligible voters at the time of Ballot closure. Previously, Workspace was listing all Interest Categories that had ever been used on the Roster, each with a “0” as they were not associated with an eligible voter. However, ANSI objected to inclusion of the non-applicable Interest Categories, as it creates ambiguity regarding balance.
  • Recirculation is the process of conducting a second (or more!) Approval Ballot In order to allow the Consensus Body to resolve substantive comments received in the first (and subsequent) ballot and demonstrate consensus agreement about the result. Recirculation requires submittal to ANSI of two ballot result sets, not just the final one. Workspace currently submits only the final ballot result. Therefore, we have added instructions on the BSR-9 form to contact ANSI for guidance regarding submittal of re-circulated standards. This instruction only appears if the user enters a date in field #9, which indicates that the document was recirculated. NOTE: Any standard that has not been through the recirculation process may be submitted directly to ANSI via the Workspace BSR-9 form.

Comment Manager

  • When an Admin bulk updates or deletes comments, a success confirmation message is presented. Previously, it did not appear, which left Admin uncertain regarding the outcome of his effort. 
  • The permissions model was incorrectly preventing document submitter from setting or changing comment permissions on the document. This has been corrected.

Voter Eligibility Management

  • If during a ballot, the Administrator or Chair wishes to adjust eligibility for a voter, this will be allowed ONLY if the voter has not yet cast a vote. In such cases, the checkbox next to that voter’s name will not be selectable, so his/her voting rights cannot be changed and the record of his/her vote remains.

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