November Workspace Updates - Usability Improvements (2 of 2)

In addition to the list of product improvements we've made with this latest release, we've also made subtle changes to key areas in our application to improve Kavi Workspace usability - our thanks to Workspace administrators for originally suggesting many of the improvements we list below!

We didn't significantly alter key functions, but sought out ways to simplify, clarify or better help users interact with the system where possible.

  • In list views for documents, action items, and projects, when the expand/collapse control has hidden the left column - which contains filters, quick views, and folders - users often don’t realize how to make them visible again. The control is so subtle that it appears to be a border, rather than an expand/contract control. Changes in appearance – most notably darkening the color is intended to make the control more noticeable and prominent.
  • In the Workspace 5 “Groups fly out” menu, and in Workspace 6 Connect “Go to” menu, link terminology has been made consistent. This involved placing the word “MY” in the links that open “My Documents”, “My Comments”, “My Ballots”, etc. Note that the word “MY” refers to all items that user can SEE, not just the ones he or she personally created.
  • When attempting to RSVP, users sometimes set the “Yes” control, but don’t actually submit it because the control is further down the page and may not be noticed. The button has now been placed more prominently at the top of the page to encourage users to “Record my Planned Attendance”.
  • On the Group Home page, and on the “My Groups” home page, the Recent Activities section displays a variety of items with some descriptive detail. Often, Calendar Events displayed large amounts of content from the description and agenda fields. This disrupted the scan-ability of the list and forced prolific scrolling. In order to remedy, the Calendar Events in the Recent Activities section now do not include the Agenda field contents, and if the Description field contents are lengthy, only the first portion is shown. This brings the Calendar Events into line with the handling of other items such as Documents, Ballots, Action Items, etc.
  • When Calendar Events are shared with the public, or with multiple groups, the labeling did not include any indication of whom to contact regarding questions. In order to provide this guidance, the label “Submitter” was modified to be “Submitter / Contact”.
  • On the Project Overview (formerly “Details”) page, field titles have been bolded to increase prominence. This makes scanning and finding a desired topic or field much easier – particularly if the page has many admin-configured fields.

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