Comment Manager is now even easier to use!

We're deploying an update to Comment Manager to your Kavi Workspace installation during the week of September 23rd - much of this in response to your feedback. 

Controls on the list view have been moved to a more natural location nearer to the data that they control.  New date filters have been added to locate and handle comments quickly.  Frequent users, such as Comment Managers can see and do more on the List view without opening details pages.

Workflow on the comment details and response page has been simplified so that new users have little or no learning curve.  Important reference information such as the comment ID # is now visible at the top of the page.  This includes the name of the related document and ballot - if applicable.  

All of the information in the thread is captured and available for audit.  If a submitter rejects a proposed resolution, that reason is now also captured in the thread rather than in the email notification.

A document further detailing changes to Comment Manager is attached to this Forum post below. 

We hope these changes help you and your members work with Comments and Comment Manager more effectively. Don't hesitate to experiment with the other filters in Comment Manager, or contact Kavi Support if we can be of service here! 

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