Comment Manager Tips: Working with document versions

We appreciate the enormous response to our new Comment Manager release! In fact, we’ve received so many great questions that we decided to address them here in several forum posts (we'll link them all together - see below). 

Question: Can you copy or carry over a comment from one revision of a document to another?

In other words, can you take a comment posted on revision 2, and apply it to revision 5?

Answer: No, you cannot take an individual comment from one revision and apply it to another.

Why not? Major changes can happen from one revision to another, so even if the overall comment is still valid, some of the details like line numbers and even pages could change.

Solution: A new comment should be created on the current revision.

This way the comment can be treated as an issue in the current revision. This also helps maintain a good record of all issues found throughout the lifecycle of the document.

We hope our improvements to Comment Manager have helped you and your members manage the commenting process more smoothly.  Do check out our other Comment Manager Forum posts below for more information, or contact Kavi Support if we can be of service here! 

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