Comment Manager Tips: Filtering and viewing comments - Part One

We appreciate the enormous response to our new Comment Manager release! In fact, we’ve received so many great questions that we decided to address them here in several forum posts (we'll link them all together - see below). 

There can be many revisions in a document’s lifecycle, each with their own sets of comments. Since the Comment Manager release, we’ve received questions on how to use Comment Manager to filter and view these sets.

A typical Comments page for a group will show many unrelated comment that reflect all of the documents and revisions in your group. Using the filters at the top, we can narrow it down to just a single document:

  • Start with the filter that says All Documents.
  • From the drop down, select the document you wish to work with.
  • Then click Apply Filter.

After selecting the document you wish to view, you’ll see it still shows all the revisions for that document. If you wish to view the comments for a certain revision, try this:

  • Select the filter labeled All Document Revisions
  • Pick the revision you want from the list. (Remember, revisions are labeled with a number, and the earliest version is always ‘0.’)
  • Click Apply Filter again.

Now we have all the comments we can view for just the document and revision we’re looking for!

It's important to note here that we only allow for two options to view comments against a single document - either for one single revision or all of the revisions. (So you can't compare comments made against Version #4 with comments made against Version #75, for example.) 

We hope these changes help you and your members work with Comments and Comment Manager more effectively. Don't hesitate to experiment with the other filters in Comment Manager, or contact Kavi Support if we can be of service here! 

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