Workspace Update: Introducing Comment Manager

The upcoming release of Workspace - coming to your installation the week of July 15th - focuses on the comment tools, with a range of enhancements designed to improve usability, performance, and consistency, both in the user interface and "under the hood." We've focused on the functionality and usability of commenting because it's such a key component in engaging membership in active, yet manageable discussions on important documents and topics.

With this release, we've re-labelled the collection of comment tools as Comment Manager, rather than the Comment "Tracker" as it's been referred to previously. This name better represents the intent and strength of the functionality, which allows organizations to organize and resolve input from a wide audience while enforcing governance and satisfying audit requirements.

Comment Manager will now make it easier to create, respond to, and resolve comments. Contributors and stakeholders can skim comments to quickly get the gist of a discussion, monitor active dialogs, and zoom in and out of detail and list views. There are tools for acting in bulk on groups of comments and for handling individual comments quickly with assurance that everything has been addressed.

We'll be communicating shortly to our Organization Administrators via the Kavi Support mailing list about the walk-through Webinar we're offering next week to highlight the improvements we've made! 

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