ProjectView for Workspace 6 Connect

This ProjectView update on Workspace 6 Connect  mirrors the improvements made to the Workspace 5 version of ProjectView (released in November 2012).  This update will be released to WS6 Connect customers on Thursday, April 11th

This WS6 Connect release also provides new level of control to your most important projects in Kavi Workspace.  You can drive visibility -- from a single access point -- across calendars, ballots, documents and follow-up actions. ProjectView unifies your communications, while providing tools to track progress and prepare for audits. 

We'll be improving ProjectView on WS6 Connect in these four key areas

  1. PV now displays the data shared between group(s) and their related project(s) in a more cohesive, integrated way
  2. PV simplifies the navigation between group(s) and related project(s)
  3. PV now allows a user to upload a document directly from within ProjectView
  4. Finally, this new version of PV expands the Timeline view to both include more data and allow for a 18 month time-span

Please download the attached User Guide for more details (including screenshots) of what's to come! 

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