Workspace 5 - ProjectView Update

Scheduled Release Date:   November 6th, 2012

What is ProjectView?

ProjectView delivers a new level of control to your most important projects in Kavi Workspace.  You can drive visibility -- from a single access point -- across calendars, ballots, documents and follow-up actions. ProjectView unifies your communications, while providing tools to track progress and prepare for audits.   

ProjectView helps solve several vital challenges, such as:

  • Keep Board of Directors executives informed of progress on high-stakes projects
  • Track every step in your process, including the periodic, continuous or stabilized maintenance deadline date of each standard in your portfolio
  • Allow multiple groups to contribute toward a project, coordinate efforts, and keep informed of others' contributions so that work moves forward expeditiously
  • Enable a Project Manager to set Milestones and create a clear path toward successful completion. The Manager can also solicit or prompt action from contributing groups and participants
  • View a comprehensive history of all actions taken throughout the project for easy auditing

We'll be announcing customer webinars shortly for those who want to learn more about this new enhanced Project View - stay tuned for registration information!

We've already invited organization administrators to attend ProjectView webinars at 11 am EDT on 11/1 and 11/8. Please ask them for registration information if you're interested in attending as well!  

Goals of this release:

  1. Make projects easier to manage and monitor
  2. Improve navigation and connections between Groups and related Projects
  3. Enrich Timeline view - make it more like a dashboard
  4. Improve printing of ANSI Forms (PINS, BSR-8, BSR-9)


This release also includes a range of changes that generally improve the navigation between Groups, Calendars and Projects.

  • Group home pages show links to appropriate projects
  • Group calendars display activities from related projects
  • Quickly add a document from within ProjectView (places document in a selected group and folder)
  • URLs are definitive, not relative to user's last location
  • Forms are easier to print, and auto-expand all fields to be sure that all data is printed.
  • Timeline enhancements:
    • "Today" is more clearly indicated
    • Displays Ballots, Events and Action Items
    • Expands the view to 18 months (from the previous 12 month view)
    • Automatically focuses on the most relevant date range, regardless of whether the project is in the past, present or future
    • Displays dates more prominently

Please download the attached User Guide for more details (including screenshots) of what's to come! 

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