Comment Tracker: The User Guide

We've augmented our existing Knowledge Base articles with further details from our new 21-page downloadable Comment Tracker User Guide (in PDF form).  Download the User Guide here.  

(Note that the Kavi Knowledge Base is temporarily unavailable, links to it have been disabled...)


  • Viewing Your Own Comments (KB article)
  • Organization-level Comment Permissions Settings
  • Preventing Comment-Sharing Permissions Errors (KB article)
  • Preventing Comment-Related Errors When Voting (KB article)

Entering Comments

Sorting and Filtering

  • Sort Comments by Document, Section, Page, Line and Item (KB article)
  • Filter Comments by Table, Figure, or Paragraph (KB article)

Automatic E-mail Notifications

  • Email Notification Settings of Comments and Responses (KB article)

Organization Policy Support

  • Group Affiliation in Voting Results CSV (KB article)

We are interested in hearing how your organization has reacted to the changes we've made in Comment Tracker - please take the time to comment, either here or in whichever way works best for you!



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  • Avatar
    Edward Mikoski

    In the CommentTracker User Guide page 8 you have at the bottom the following text: 

    This will allow the non-voting member to submit a vote from the document details page during the

    balloting period.

    I believe you really mean to say, " submit a comment..." instead.  the non-voter is a commentor not a voter.

  • Avatar
    Betsy Richter

    Ed - You're right!  I've just made the correction and uploaded a revised file. 


    Thank you!


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