Comment Tracker Update

Commenting and comment resolution are crucial aspects of consensus-building.  Consequently, we’ve received many suggestions about Comment Tracker!  

We heard plenty of feedback about issues ranging from comment permissions conflicts and ways to provide tighter alignment with overall organization group settings to all kinds of suggestions about how we could make the comment submission, aggregation, update and resolution process itself far more streamlined for members, chairs and group administrators alike. 

The next forum post will give you a summary of those that we found could be implemented immediately.  This list doesn’t completely describe each change - some of the items have many moving parts.  But we wanted to give you a sense of what's included and the benefit that each item will provide.  Detailed descriptions are expected in a few weeks and will be shared with you via future forum posts, with notifications sent to all of our customers as well.  

When will this update be released?  I thought you’d NEVER ask!  We’ve set a tentative target for end of September, 2011.  This page will be updated when the exact date is set, so stay tuned.

If your idea isn’t included in this next post, don’t worry!  We have a list of all those great ideas, and we’re keeping it on hand for future releases.

Thank you for all of the insightful feedback about Comment Tracker!  We are excited to bring you these improvements.  If you have questions or concerns, I'll be monitoring comments here, and will watch for new customer feature request tickets as well.  


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