Screenshots: Ballot Templates

Ballot Templates

You may now select from available Ballot Templates for your ballot when creating a new ballot for your group:  


Managing Ballot Templates

Ballot Templates are managed on a per-group basis, as shown below: 


Reference:  Ballot Templates (KB article)

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    Peter Symes

    Just discovered that a ballot template can be used only in the Group in which it was created . . . not in other Groups!  I really think you have missed the boat here.  Consistency is a core value in standards development--that's one reason that I have been pressing for years for templates for complex multi-option actions like Group creation.  We still don't have that, but I was delighted when I heard about ballot templates . .  again, complex and multi-optioned, but needing to be consistent across time and groups.  I hold ballots of 3 or 4 different types in about 20 different committees -- creating 60 or 80 templates, and hoping that I don't introduce minor inconsistencies over each group of 20 is little benefit over creating a new ballot every time.  PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!

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    Betsy Richter

    Peter - We're trying to get at the bottom of why ballot templates are on a per-group basis only.  I'd encourage the rest of our customers to share feedback as well, and will do what I can to promote this conversation to the rest of our customer base. 

    Thanks for taking the time to comment.  We appreciate it!

    • Betsy
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    Peter Symes

    Thanks Betsy!  Interested to see what others think.  To me, the real value would be if templates were org-wide; I know they are at a different "level" but I was anticipating that the implementation would be conceptually similar to ballot "instructions" - defined once; available whenever/wherever creating a ballot.


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    Jerry Whitaker

    I would echo what Peter has said here. Having ballot templates that are organization-wide would be helpful. A larger issue, as Peter noted in his original posting, is the need for templates for complex multi-option actions like Group creation. We have dozens of groups, each one more or less identical in terms of setup. Still, as each new group is created I go in and make the same tweaks and adjustments that I did in all the others. Very inefficient.

    Regarding the secret ballot option, I believe that will be quite helpful. We don't need it very often, but previous attempts at doing ballots where the results were not intended to be released to the general membership were not entirely successful.

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    Betsy Richter

    Peter and Jerry - 

    Thank you both for your feedback!  I'll be putting a forum post up shortly in the 'main drag' of this Forum itself, soliciting your thoughts about org-wide ballot templates and a few other issues that we've heard about from customers as well.

    (I'll also send an email alert out once this post is up.)  



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