Enhanced Ballots Release - Coming on March 8th!

Kavi's development team is now finalizing our new ballot functionality for Workspace. Thanks to many of you for your feature requests or feedback given during some of our interface previews, we're grateful for your participation thus far and happy to share the end results. 

The Enhanced Ballots Release will be installed to your Kavi Workspace installation on Tuesday, March 8th (our regular Tuesday update window).  Below, you'll find a list of features (with links back to their respective Knowledge Base articles) - including features many of you have long requested from us!  While we were at it, we also overhauled the entire Ballots user interface as well. 

FIRST:  Do take advantage of the two scheduled 1-hour Kavi Webinars about the Enhanced Ballots release (RSVP using the links below with GoToMeeting):

SECOND:  Familiarize yourself with some of these new key features:

  • Ballot Templates - ballot administrators can use templates to more easily re-create multiple ballots with similar parameters 
  • Secret Ballots  - new options let you control how ballot results are displayed, and to whom.  For example, an organization would like to create a ballot where the Group Chairs and Managers may not see detailed results for votes.  Now, by creating a Secret Ballot, you can!
  • Bulk Ballot Notifications - send one email notification after creating multiple ballots scheduled to open at the same time (15 minute window)

We've also made improvements to these aspects of Balloting (or updates to existing Knowledge Base articles to better reflect our changes):

And while you're at it, some Knowledge Base articles as a refresher as you navigate:

Next, I'll turn to some of the user interface changes we've made & will include some screenshots to illustrate just how we've simplified the UI in a follow-up Forum Post. 

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    Peter Symes

    Just discovered that a ballot template can be used only in the Group in which it was created . . . not in other Groups!  I really think you have missed the boat here.  Consistency is a core value in standards development--that's one reason that I have been pressing for years for templates for complex multi-option actions like Group creation.  We still don't have that, but I was delighted when I heard about ballot templates . .  again, complex and multi-optioned, but needing to be consistent across time and groups.  I hold ballots of 3 or 4 different types in about 20 different committees -- creating 60 or 80 templates, and hoping that I don't introduce minor inconsistencies over each group of 20 is little benefit over creating a new ballot every time.  PLEASE RECONSIDER!!!

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