That 'new' Document Select search box?


We're sorry.

We wanted to improve the functionality that allows users to associate existing documents to calendar events, so we introduced a new approach as part of the June 8th software release to address customer concerns.  Where you'd once had to select files one by one from a potentially long list of documents, we gave you the ability to search for documents instead.  

We thought we'd enhanced the core product.  But some of you thought we'd made a mistake -- a mistake you were more than happy to bring to our attention!

You were right.

So we took a closer look, talked to a few of you, and made another change or two to improve the document selection process in Workspace.  We think you'll be pleased with the results.   

We've removed the document search look-up field.


But instead of simply reverting back to the single-select model we had before, we've now made it possible for users to associate multiple documents -- in a single operation, no less. This new multi-select function shows you all the documents for a given time period and allows you to associate multiple documents at once. We've also extended the date filter to accommodate "All" (forever).   

Both the multi-select function and date range filter changes are improvements over earlier iterations, and should provide much better usability.  We've now built these components into the ballot creation processes as well.

While we endeavor to make the right decisions for our customers, we're also here to listen and act decisively when we've made a mistake.  We apologize for the inconvenience we introduced, and want to thank those who took the time to provide clear and vocal feedback.  

Thank you. 

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    Kes Wold

    Thank you!

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