June 2010 Product Enhancements Release

Kavi will be deploying an update to your Workspace Installation on Tuesday, June 8th.

We're thrilled to debut three refinements to much-used features in a typical Kavi Workspace installation, and they all have one key component in common:  they allow administrators to do much more while using far fewer clicks!  In fact, people have been asking for the ability to edit a batch of documents in one fell swoop, or to move an entire document folder containing hundreds of documents in just a few clicks for quite some time now, and we're happy to offer these solutions to our customers. 

The three refinements described below make it easier for organization administrators or managers to work with either documents or project activities (using our new ProjectView component). 

Bulk actions on Documents

Document managers and administrators can now perform bulk actions on documents, including moving, changing the document state, locking or unlocking, deleting, or relating to a project in ProjectView.  To learn more, read this Knowledge Base article

Bulk actions on Project Activities

Project contacts or administrators now can perform bulk actions on Project Activities in ProjectView.  This includes marking multiple activities complete, changing dates, or deleting several activities, and can be executed on one or more Project Activities simultaneously.  View the Knowledge Base article for more. 

Moving a Folder

This request is one that we've consistently heard from organizations for a while now, and we're happy to deliver!  Now, those people with document manager privileges have the ability to move folders from one group to another while preserving folder settings and retaining meta-data, display settings and sub-folders.  We do suggest that you read the details in this Knowledge Base article before moving a folder, please!

We've also published a few bug fixes in addition to these three new features as part of this iterative release.  For complete details, please see the Changelogs linked from the Help page in your Workspace 5 installation.

We look forward to your feedback as you begin using these new features.

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