Product Updates: March 17 - April 13

We'll be deploying an update to your Workspace Installation on Tuesday, April 13th. 

We've completely reworked the Ballots landing page, and extended At a Glance views (first deployed on our Documents page) to both ProjectView and the Ballots page.  We're also debuting a new feature:  the ability to compare text differences between document revisions (on a single document with multiple versions) in the browser window itself. Finally, we've deployed minor bug fixes and language clarifications where needed. 

Release Overview: 

Ballot page redesign

The Ballot page in each group is now more streamlined and easier to use. We have incorporated some of the features and design elements from the Documents page, including At a Glance views and enhanced search filter options. Now when you come to the Ballots page you'll see a list of all ballots, with 40 ballots displayed per page of results. Use the filters and At a Glance views to refine that view, as needed.

ProjectView At a Glance

We added At a Glance views to the ProjectView page, including All Projects, Projects by End Date, and projects with the End Date Not Set. Used independently or in conjunction with the Filter options, these views make it faster to find the projects you are interested in.  (For more information about ProjectView, read this earlier forum announcement or visit the product launch page on

Document differences

We have added a utility to compare the text differences between the current and previous revisions of a document stored in a group's Document repository. If the file can be rendered as text, you can view the differences in a color-coded interface. (Note, XML not yet available)

For more detailed information, see these Knowledge Base articles:

 For complete details, please see the Changelogs linked from the Help page in your Workspace 5 installation.

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