March 2010 ProjectView Release

We shipped a new Workspace release to all customers today, including the ProjectView component designed to help you keep an eye on multi-layered projects. Kavi ProjectView provides a centralized, structured location where your organization can track the status of its projects and project activities.

ProjectView provides:

  • A quick view of project percent complete and today’s date relative to the project duration, so that members and stakeholders can track project progress overall.
  • An expanded timeline that displays the project activities as they relate to one another in terms of duration and milestones.
  • A central location to view workgroup or individual contributions in the form of project activities, documents, ballots, events and actions items, including who is contributing and when.

ProjectView is included at no extra charge, but disabled by default so you can choose the right time to introduce these tools to your members. If you'd like to turn ProjectView on, please have your organization administrator send a request to Kavi's Support Team and we can have it up right away.

To learn more about ProjectView, see our video tour posted in the Training Center.

We've also completed several fixes and minor changes in the past few months. Here are some highlights.

Other New Features


RSVP is now optional!
Yes, this was driving us bonkers too. Now when you update an event, you can select whether or not to ask members to RSVP. If you want to collect RSVPs, the event will appear on the Workspace home page, in the Take Action, and the RSVP link will go out in the email. If not, the event simply appears on the calendar like normal.
Group memberships visible from Manage a User
Administrators can now see which groups a person belongs to on their Manage a User page. We've also added quick links to each user's group activity logs and usage summary, so you can quickly see how each person is participating. This one has been a long time coming, and should be quite helpful to all the administrators out there.
RSVPs visible during and after the meeting
In the past, event RSVPs no longer appeared after the start of the event. Now, you can see each person's RSVP while the event is in progress and afterwards, allowing you to reference that and the attendance report together. Note: Only applies for events where RSVPs are collected. See above.
Creator and Open Date shown on My Action Items page
The roll-up list shown on the My Action Items page now has sortable columns showing who created the action item and the date it was opened.
Attendance Tracking tweak - checkboxes to the left
The checkboxes on the Track Attendance page are now in the left-most column, placing them closer to the company and participant name to help with tracking on long lists.
Added the ability to upload reference items when Amending a ballot
It was always possible to add reference documents when Modifying a ballot, but not when Amending one. We're keenly aware of the thin-to-perhaps-indefensible distinction between these two functions, and have made one small step towards reconciliation by putting the reference items field on the Amend a Ballot form. A more complete coming together is planned for a major Ballots release late this year.
Comment Owners get email by default
Comment Owners explicitly assigned to a comment will now get a notification each time the comment is updated by default.
Bigger, badder ballot description field
Again, one of those small things that makes a difference. The Description/Question field on the Add a Ballot page was sized to accommodate left navigation. Now that Workspace has liberated that space for the product, we can start giving these important text boxes some room to breathe, and in the process make it possible for you to see more of your ballot text at once.



  • Ensured login sessions are retained appropriately.
  • Included email to group chairs in the Admin Panel moderation queues.
  • Improved Zoho Editing by providing support for .docx file editing and resolving some errors.
  • Enhanced error messaging and instructions in several places, such as when navigating to an event that has been deleted.

For complete details, please see the Changelogs linked from the Help page in your Workspace 5 installation. Also, let us know what you think! Comments are welcome.

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