Product Updates: Dec 1 - Jan 19

Product updates over the holiday season included fixes and minor updates. Here are some highlights. For complete details, please see the Changelogs linked from the Help page in your Workspace 5 installation.


Character limits on event fields

Workspace 5 customers can add HTML and rich-formatted text to the agenda, minutes, and description fields for an event. This kind of formatting often results in much larger amounts of information in the database, as both the text and the formatting instructions contribute to the overall character limit for each field. We've increased the character limits to allow up to 16k of data in each field, enough to accommodate roughly 7 pages of plain text.

A tip for our customers with long agendas and minutes: if you are writing in Microsoft Word, use the "Paste from Word" ( pasteFromWord.png) button when copying your content to Workspace. This feature will help translate the formatting instructions specific to Microsoft Word into something appropriate for online display and will help you fit more into each field.

IE 6 and JavaScript

We made several changes to accommodate IE6 users with JavaScript or ActiveX disabled. IE6 users are encouraged to add Kavi Workspace to their list of trusted sites or upgrade to a modern browser for the best experience.

Finding Files while Editing Content

When you edit website content, such as the public Workspace page or other public areas, you can browse files already posted to the content areas and link to them in the page. The file listing now correctly shows all files listed alphabetically, rather than in the date-sorted way used before.

Unpaid Bills

The Take Action and Workspace landing page previously showed any unpaid bill that was overdue or coming due in the next 30 days. To help make it easier for members to see and pay all outstanding bills, we're now showing any unpaid bill regardless of due date on the Workspace home page.

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