Product Updates: Nov 24 - Dec 15

In the past month, we've made several improvements to our new documents page and even added a few new features. Here are some highlights. For complete details, please see the Changelogs linked from the Help page in your Workspace 5 installation.

New! Impersonate for Super Admins

Nearly every page in Kavi Workspace looks different based on your personal privileges and activity levels. This highly dynamic interface ensures that every page is tuned for each individual, but can also make it difficult for organization adminstration to support members who may be seeing entirely different information. The new Impersonate feature is designed to help Super Admins support members better by temporarily viewing Kavi Workspace as the member sees it.
Read more about the new Impersonate feature in the Kavi Knowledge Base.

New! Support for African Timezones

Congratulations to our customers that now have representatives from Africa! We're excited to be a part of your global collaboration efforts.

New! Integration with Zoho Writer

Well, new for some of you at least. Kavi integrates with Zoho Writer to enable in-browser editing of text-based documents (Work, TXT, HTML), spreadsheets (Excel, CSV, etc), and in-browser Powerpoint viewing. Zoho Writer features are available to all Workspace 5 customers, and now are enabled by default. For more information about how Kavi works with Zoho Writer, visit the Kavi Knowledge Base

Refinements for Documents

We found several ways to improve the new documents page over the past few weeks. First, we're working to improve performance throughout the application and released some performance tuning changes specifically for the documents page. We've also corrected several small display issues. Finally, for those of you who cannot access AJAX enabled content, an alternate way to access document actions is now available.

Group Ballots

When you view a group's ballots, you can increase the number of ballots shown on the page. In the past, this setting would revert to showing 20 ballots at a time on subsequent visits. Now, your preferences for the number of  ballots shown will be retained.

Clearer Instructions

Customers suggested several improvements to the instructions provided on application forms, including:

  • Re-wording the options for sending email when adding content to groups. When you share an item with multiple groups, you have the option to notify all groups about the item. Kavi ensures that each individual only receives a single copy of this notice, regardless of how many groups he or she is in. As a result, the email notice is sent to the originating mailing list and to all other individuals, but does not appear on the mailing list archive for any group beyond the originating group.
  • Better wording for the Group Participation text on the My Company page.
  • Tips on how to use a multi-select field on the Manage a Group page.
  • More details on the ballot about exactly how the one-vote-per-company voting model works.   

Other Fixes

Event sharing fix

In the past, when you edited an event, the sharing settings for that event were lost. We've fixed this, so the sharing settings are now correctly pre-filled on the Modify an Event form.

Event email link

The links to reference items included in email were not working correctly. These are now fixed.

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