November 17 2009 Documents Release!

Today, we released the document management improvements to all Workspace 5 customers. This release includes:

  • New documents page design, with dynamic menus, info fly-outs, and improved performance
  • Document locking
  • Online document editing for text-based documents and spreadsheets
  • Enhanced folder options, including the ability to share all documents in a folder automatically and select which columns are displayed
  • Control over the displayed folder order
  • Enhanced filters and quick "At a Glance" views, showing top documents, docs referenced by ballots, and in-page string searches
  • Improved bulk exports, with document metadata included in the export file
  • XML Rendering for documents with an XSLT stylesheet (disabled by default)
  • Document Number Reservations (disabled by default)

We've also completed several fixes and minor changes in the past few weeks. Here are some highlights. For complete details, please see the Changelogs linked from the Help page in your Workspace 5 installation.

Longer ballot titlesBallot titles can now contain up to 500 characters.Meeting attendance report fixesWe corrected an issue in which attendance recorded for events occurring in Asian timezones were not appearing on the attendance report at the appropriate time. We also added a line of clarifying text to the page explaining that the report will only show events that count towards voter eligibility.Ballot settings on closed ballotsIn the past, when someone edited a closed ballot, the ballot notifications settings were unintentionally toggled off. This created the impression that ballot notifications had never been scheduled, causing confusion when reviewing the ballot history and settings.Email template variablesEmail templates can be scheduled for delivery to company representatives, including information about the company's primary contact or other employees. This information is dynamically populated from the database and was incorrectly including information from inactive contacts. Scheduled email notices will now only include information about currently active users.Ballot results for 'Other' votesBallots can offer voters an 'Other' option. We fixed a bug that was preventing these ballot results from displaying correctly on the ballot details page.

For screen captures and other information, go here.

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