Product Updates Oct 20 - 27

We've made 13 improvements to Workspace 5 in the past two weeks. Here are some highlights. For complete details, please see the Changelogs linked from the Help page in your Workspace 5 installation.


Comment Permissions on Approval BallotsWhen ballot managers create a new approval ballot, they can set the comment collection and display settings for the document being balloted. These settings were not correctly updating the document comment permissions, nor were they correctly pre-filling with the documents existing comment permissions. This fix ensured that comment permissions set on the document and the ballot are correctly kept in synch while the ballot is open. You can now update comment permissions from either the ballot or the document; both places will correctly update the comment settings.Individual Membership RecordsWorkspace 5 provides a new page called My Participation that shows individuals information about their account and their personal activities. The My Participation page replaced the My Account page provided in previous releases. Information about an individual member's membership history was unintentionally left out of the new page. The My Participation page has been updated to include this information and links to access previous years' membership receipts.Reference Documents with Action ItemsWhen someone changed an action item with an existing reference document, the refernce document was lost. This is now fixed, ensuring all action item details are retained unless explicitly changed by the person modifying the action item.

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