Product Updates Sep 29 - Oct 12

Here are some of the improvements released to Workspace 5 customers over the past few weeks. For complete details, please see the Changelogs linked from the Help page in your Workspace 5 installation.


Action ItemsAction item due dates display on each group's calendar. For groups with lots of action items, this created a lot of noise. We changed this feature so that the calendar now only shows action items which were submitted by, assigned to, or managed by the current user. The full list of action items in the group still displays on the Action Items tab.Groups fly-out navigationWe've improved how the My Groups list appears in the Workspace navigation bar. For administrators and workgroup admins, this was showing all groups. The list now more sensibly displays only the groups to which a user explicitly belongs.Data Integrity Checker UpdateMost new customers import users and companies into the Kavi database from a spreadsheet. Entering data using the upload is efficient and allows customers to bypass some of the business logic enforced elsewhere in the product, which can be very helpful when importing records from legacy systems containing partial data or irreconcilable anomalies. Once the data is in the Kavi system, you can use the Data Integrity Check utility to highlight inconsistencies and, where possible, fix them. Towards that end, we've added a new report to the Check Data Integrity tool that will find active users in inactive companies and vice versa.


Ballot Results Visibility IssueBallots configured to be visible only to ballot managers were hiding results from Workgroup Administrators. This is fixed to ensure that Workgroup Administrators can always see the results of closed ballots.Calendar IssuesIn a recent release, we updated the calendar features in groups to better support integration with Outlook and other desktop calendars. The variety of desktop calendars used by Kavi customers continues to reveal idiosyncracies in calendar support. We have made several fixes to our calendar features in the past month, including:

  • Ensuring URLs are properly displayed in automated event emails and iCal attachments.
  • Ensuring recurring events are output in correct sequential order.
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