Changing password settings to encrypt passwords

It's a two-part process!

  •  First, visit the Set Organizational Properties page (Admin pulldown -> Configuration -> Members). 

Then under the Security Options setting, enable the Yes, encrypt passwords (Recommended) option as shown below. 


This will encrypt all new passwords or reset passwords (as per your password expiration settings).  WARNING! If you have password expiration disabled, none of your existing passwords will be encrypted - unless by some odd chance a user voluntarily resets his/her password! 

  • Next, check and change your Password Expiration settings to allow the system to remind users to establish a new password over time. So you know -  the default is 240 days. Once you enable the setting and get the default 240 days, you can subsequently reload & edit the setting to give a shorter date range if you want to force the change over a more rapid timeframe. 

We recommend that you definitely opt into both encrypting your passwords and creating password expiration terms that work well for your organization. Don't hesitate to contact us if we can walk you through this process!

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