Announcing a new Kavi Support newsletter for Workspace 'power users'!

Kavi is happy to announce that we're now producing another email newsletter!

We launched a new Kavi Support newsletter in December 2012 for Workspace 'power users' -- typically active committee chairs, board members, or other people involved in using Kavi's Workspace offering in a leadership role. Over 2400 people received this inaugural mailing. (See a copy here.)

This newsletter will focus on standards best practices or tips on Workspace usage to help your organization better manage their standards process. It will also promote awareness of periodic FREE training events to be presented by Kavi, or share news of new support resources like a revamped Knowledge Base 2.0, for example.  It is our hope that it may also reduce support requests for Kavi Workspace administrators, and lead to greater adoption/use for your organization over time. 

We want to ensure that we're treating members respectfully & with care, so recipients were told just how we obtained their contact information and invited to unsubscribe if they so choose. We'll also limit the newsletter to no more than once monthly. (We were pleasantly surprised to see that less than 4% chose to unsubscribe from this initial attempt!)  

Again, here's a copy of our first newsletter. Please feel free to subscribe if this might provide value to you or your membership or manage your subscription here. 

We are happy to speak to anyone in your organization to answer any questions or discuss concerns they might have with this new approach - feel free to email Betsy Richter, VP of Technical Support.  And if you have a name for this newsletter, please feel free to suggest one in the comments below! 

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