Tip: Get a weekly email summarizing your upcoming events

If you're not subscribing to Group calendars in order to keep your calendar client up to date, you could easily miss an important meeting.  Prevent this by signing up to receive a weekly reminder email from Workspace with a summary of upcoming events. You can do this by viewing your name in the upper right hand corner, then selecting "My Participation" from the drop-down menu.

On the My Participation screen, select "RSS / Calendar" from the list of tools and then click the "Add Weekly Reminder" link.  You will then have several options to configure the reminder email:

  1. Reminder Type:
    • Select "My Events" to receive email reminders about calendar entries in your subscribed groups
    • Select "My Events & Events Shared With Me" to also include calendar entries from other groups that share their calendar information with you
    • Select "No Reminder" to disable the reminder feature
  2. Reminder Format (The message content is identical for both formats):
    • Select "Text Email" if your mail client does not support html content
    • Select "HTML Email" to receive clickable hyperlinks if you have a html-capable mail client
  3. Reminder Time Zone:
    • Calendar events included in the reminder email are displayed in the time zone of your choice, even if they were originally entered with another time zone by the event creator
  4. Reminder Days:
    • Select "7 Days" to include events occurring within 1 week of when the reminder is sent
    • Select "10 Days" to include events occurring within 10 days of when the reminder is sent
    • Select "14 Days" to include events occurring within 2 weeks of when the reminder is sent

To save, click the "Configure Weekly Reminder" button.  

Note that you're only able to store one set of reminder settings per user. If you ever wish to stop receiving the reminder emails, simply repeat the process and select "No Reminder" for the Reminder Type option.

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