All - Check Your Upcoming Meetings!

We've learned that some organizations have "shifted" times or zones to overcome the absence of a needed time zone. Good news - these modifications should no longer be necessary due to significant enhancements to our underlying time zone infrastructure!

We strongly suggest that you check your upcoming events on your calendars (or work with group Chairs or administrative staff) to be sure that time zones and times are showing up accurately.  

With the improvements in time zone handling and the ability of Admins to select the appropriate time zones for their organization's users, it should not be necessary for Chairs or users to create "shifted" events as a workaround. More importantly, any repeating event should now be adjusted to utilize their correct settings going forward. 

We are happy to work with your organization's administrators to make sure your Calendar settings are optimized - do not hesitate to have them contact us if we can be of assistance!

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