Tip: How to easily add members to a group

Site administrators - have you created a new group and need to add several members?  Follow these steps to add them in bulk to save time.

  1. From the Admin Panel, select either "Groups" or "Users" from the Management Tools
  2. Click the "Bulk add Users to Groups" link under the "Group Participation" heading if you selected Groups above or the "Other" heading if you selected Users
  3. Select the group you want to add users to from the "Group" drop down
  4. Set the Moderation, Group Role, and Subscription Type settings as needed
  5. Enter the Primary Email Addresses of the users you want to add (separated by a new line or comma)
  6. Click the "Add Users" button
  7. That's it!  You'll receive a confirmation message and a link to go to the Group Roster
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