Tip: Subscribing to Group calendar feeds

The best way to sync your personal calendar (whether it is in Outlook, Google Apps, etc.) is to subscribe to calendars in Workspace. When you subscribe to your calendars, you create a direct one-way connection from Workspace to your calendar client. This ensures your calendars are always up-to date and removes the need to import individual calendar files from email messages. Instead, future changes to calendar events in Workspace will automatically appear in your calendar once this connection is established. 

Subscribing to one Group's calendar: 


From any group calendar page simply click the "subscribe to icalendar" link

  1. The link will open in the default calendar application you have installed on your computer (example: Outlook or iCal) and ask if you'd like to add the feed to your calendar.
  2. Depending on the preference settings you have set in your calendar application, the calendar will automatically refresh with the most recent changes. 


Subscribing to a Group calendar means you should never have to visit the Group itself (unless prompted to do so by your Chair) to view the web-based calendar and/or stay informed of future meeting events.

However, this means you'll need to make sure your calendar subscription updates regularly - you should be able to set the frequency when you first add the subscription itself, or do a manual refresh upon command (depending on your calendar program of choice). 

Subscribing to all of my Groups calendars: 

  1. Navigate to your personal 'My Calendar' page in Kavi Workspace (available by selecting 'Calendar' when you activate the Groups pulldown menu). 
  2. Select the option to subscribe to all of your Groups calendars:



Do let us know if you have issues or concerns by commenting below - we know that maintaining calendar details in multiple systems remains one of the top challenges that our members - spread across geographies, organizations, platforms & devices - encounter.  We'd like to make this as easy to accomplish as is possible!

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