Discontinuing Urchin as of 9/27/11

Kavi is discontinuing the use of the Urchin web analytics solution as of 9/27/11.

The background: Kavi had maintained 2 web analytics solutions for customers - AWStats and Urchin - in addition to providing access to group usage statistics and the ability for administrators to access & customize reports.

Additionally, customers have chosen to have public components of their sites hosted elsewhere and/or have asked us to implement tracking code compatible with their own external analytics solutions.

As a result, Urchin use has declined dramatically - down to almost zero, in fact. Unfortunately, Urchin's infrastructure requires a degree of complexity and significant expense to maintain.

Since Kavi will continue to offer AWStats, and will expand on the analytics available via our applications themselves, we have chosen to discontinue our use of Urchin, effective immediately.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you need further clarification.

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