Password Expiration Settings

When an Administrator first makes the change to enable Password expiration, he/she is given the standard default of 240 days.  When the Admin returns back to "Set Org Properties" she/he is then given the option to edit the duration of time before a password will expire.

When a member changes their password, we record that date in the member database.  Once you turn this on, the application will look at this date.  If the date of their last password change is over 240 days, he/she is automatically taken to a screen to reset their password - no manual administrative intercession necessary.

If a user has never changed their password, this date will be 0000-00-00 00:00:00. This date will not be updated until they actually log into the Kavi system after this setting has been turned on.  So for these folks, the 240-day clock doesn't start ticking until that first login.  (Users who do not have a date set may have been added to the system either as part of a data upload or manual addition.)

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