February Workspace Update: Repairing Calendar Notifications for Outlook Users

Our software update on 2/10/15 for Workspace 5 customers will include a change in the way your members receive email notifications for Calendar events to address incompatibilities reported by those using Microsoft Outlook as their email client.

Outlook users were receiving broken notifications, since Outlook couldn't recognize the event organizer as an authorized submitter. This meant that people could no longer accept or decline meeting invitations using Outlook.

In order to make our notifications more Outlook-compliant, we had to reverse an earlier update that listed the event organizer as the individual sending the email message. Instead, those will now come from workgroup_mailer@your organization - the same way document notifications are handled in the system.

As with any Outlook-related update, we first beta tested this fix with a few Kavi customers, who gave us an enthusiastic thumbs up. Our thanks to those organizations for their participation and feedback!  

One beta tester reports: "I’m happy it stopped coming from admin (the administrative alias for an organization) as I was always getting emails for group leaders indicating the person wasn’t going to be attending the call."

Please let us know if you have any issues or concerns with this change! 

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